Homemade French quiche! Served by the sl


From our kitchen to your table!

Homemade basil pesto/ sundried tomatoe pesto, Bacon jam, pickled onions, caramelized onions, marinated peppers or other sweet dips, salted caramel sauce, chocolate and hazelnut sauce....

We already offer those Gourmet and Fine Products in our Menu at Le Cafe Gourmet.

Because you love our products and you encouraged us to share/sell them, we are proud to present you our NEW Brand !

"The BAKER's HAT- Gourmet & Fine"

As you know, always homemade, only made with fresh produce and for sure super tasty!

That kind of jar you should have in your pantry at all time !

Thank you all to give us the motivation and the support to do it!

Our homemade Baker's Hat products are (for now ) available at the cafe, and Tybee Island Farmers Market.

Please give me some time to update the website and work on a shipment option!


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